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Welcome to SAIL


Supporting Active Independent Lives (SAIL) is a vibrant non-profit membership organization of people 55+ who reside in the Dane county area. SAIL members wish to remain active, independent, in their own homes, and socially connected, and have found that navigating the many changes brought on by age is much easier with the resources offered by SAIL.


Membership includes referrals to pre-screened service providers, discounted emergency pendants, daily automated check-in service, house checks, shredding services, wellness services, social events and clubs, member-helping-member volunteer opportunities, discounts to Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR) programs, Home Health United medical equipment,  quarterly mattress flipping and other member perks!


What Members and Donors Have to Say
"We can’t say enough good things about SAIL! With our children spread all over the country, it’s so nice to have the feeling of a safety net when and if we need it. And the staff has been so attentive whenever we’ve called, it’s like having a best friend at the ready!”
~Alan and Linda Knox, SAIL Members  


"I recommend your serious interest in SAIL, if only to know what this wonderful organization provides to help those senior citizens who wish to remain in their own homes in their later years, knowing they have the help they need only a phone call away: I speak from experience. SAIL literally and figuratively has made my life most enjoyable and worry-free since I became a member earlier this year (2012)."
~Shirley B., SAIL Member and Volunteer 



"SAIL is my security blanket. My kids live out of town and it's so comforting for them and me to know SAIL is here for me. The daily check-in is especially important to me since I live alone."  

 ~Faith M., SAIL Member and Volunteer


I belive in the program. What you do is fantastic!
~Cliff, SAIL Volunteer and Donor
SAIL Winter Luncheon: Civility in PoliticsReal Stories and Great Memories

This year's SAIL Winter Luncheon will feature a lively conversation between former Wisconsin Governor* Tony Earl and Republican strategist Bill Kraus. Prior to being elected governor, Tony worked as a legislator and as the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, where his list of accomplishments include addressing the state's surface water pollution. Tony was elected governor in 1982 following Republican Governor Lee Sherman Dreyfus’ term. Bill had led the campaign for the governor’s office for Governor Lee Dreyfus and remained on staff during his term. Together, they will bring their decades of wisdom—and no small doses of good humor—to current-day politics. Their stories will reflect the civility in politics that many people have come to yearn for and hope for throughout our country.      


Join us on Friday, January 9, 2014, at 11:45 a.m., at Blackhawk Country Club. The cost is $16 per person. Lunch choices include Chicken and Mushroom Crepes or Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Vegetables Primavera.  

Reserve your spot by January 2 by clicking here or calling the SAIL office at 230-4321. You won't want to miss this!


 *Tony and his wife Jane are SAIL members.


Your Support Makes a Difference!

The SAIL vision is truly unfolding—to be a community of members who serve one another as they pursue successful aging. We are on the cusp of our ten-year anniversary. We are a national leader as the second oldest “village” in the nation, and we exchange ideas and best practices with other villages regularly. The number of people needing the many unique benefits offered by SAIL is climbing. Our time has come!

What an exceptional year it has been! We implemented an ambitious strategic plan which resulted in increased member volunteerism and leadership, expanded outreach to people with low incomes, and a 20 percent increase in member services.


As a non-profit, we rely on support from our generous donors. We started our annual appeal with a $5,000 anonymous gift from a SAIL charter member! Your gifts help us continue to provide excellent and trustworthy services, expand our service provider and volunteer networks, provide service to older adults who have low incomes, and pursue development of individualized aging plans to help you keep on course through life—during both good and challenging times. 

Please consider a tax deductible gift to SAIL. If you would like to learn more about our new planned giving program or the SAIL endowment fund, please call us at 230-4321 for a personal appointment. Thank you for giving people the opportunity to live secure, engaged lives on their own terms.


Click here to make a donation online.


 Supporting Active Independent Lives ~  6201 Mineral Point Road   ~ Madison, WI  53705 ~ ~  (608) 230-4321